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Rose State Helps Businesses Develop Their Human Capital

In the last decade, business has changed exponentially. Technology has made everything faster and more advanced, from sales and accounting to upper management. Now, it pays to invest in specialized skill sets for long-term employees.

It may seem like specialization is important only in fields where highly specific skills are vital, such as medicine, education, and law. However, even in the service industry, employees with unique training are more invested in and better at their occupations. This doesn’t mean you should train employees in only one skill. Rather, you should create a learning mindset in employees and an understanding that they are valuable and have potential.

Fulfilling Potential at Rose State

In an effort to help businesses and managers in this endeavor, Rose State College offers corporate training and professional development. From small, helpful skills to complex technical knowledge, the Professional Training Center at Rose State has all the tools your employees need to grow into the best versions of themselves.

“Our corporate training is designed to provide clients the specific training they need for their employees,” Dr. Bret Wood, Associate Vice President of External Affairs, says. The program provides training in soft skills such as leadership, communication, diversity, supervision, and time management.

After sitting down with each client, corporate trainers determine how best to meet their needs and the needs of their employees, whether it’s a four-hour seminar or a week-long program.  There’s a program for both experts in the field and eager amateurs. Clients and their employees can learn basics, like Microsoft Office, or more advanced skills such as getting certified in networking and cyber security. Plus, employees can learn more about new, blossoming technologies like additive manufacturing or 3D printing.

“Our most innovative program right now is the additive manufacturing classes,” Dr. Wood says. “This new technology is rapidly growing, and businesses are still learning how the use of this technology can help them with cost savings and employee time management.”

Tinker Air Force Base, Boeing, and Northrup-Grumman rely on these technologies. Giving employees the tools to learn these skills can be invaluable, especially in such a fast-growing niche market.

“Human capital is the most important asset any company has,” Dr. Wood says. “We try to help clients challenge their employees to grow in their profession and to understand that learning is a lifelong activity.”

One of the many ways the workplace has evolved is that businesses want their employees to feel at home at their job, like they’re part of the family. Someone learning and growing within their position is not only more likely to stick around but is also likely to increase their own value and stay committed to the company.

Tools to Excel at Work and in Life

Dr. Wood argues that, even if you don’t need your employees to be masters of additive manufacturing or cyber security experts, the Professional Training Center can significantly help them and you. “All employers still need employees to be leaders, good communicators, and critical thinkers. So, while these soft skills are not necessarily new or innovative, they are still in high demand,” he says.

Technology is not slowing down and neither is the workplace. Currently, specialized, growth-minded employees may seem like a luxury rather than a necessity, but as customers evolve, they will continue to seek solutions from people they can trust. An employee who’s genuinely invested and understands their job and field is more able to meet their customers’ developing needs. Even the most knowledgeable employee isn’t as valuable as one who loves to learn and grow.

“By taking classes in our programs, the employees are better equipped to handle their day-to-day duties and become better leaders at work, at home, and in the community,” Dr. Wood says. “The hope is that it also allows them to build a foundation for future promotions or a new job as they continually hone their skills.”

For more information about Rose State’s Professional Training Center and the classes we offer, call us today at 405-733-7488.