Rose State Offers Drone Training


Classes provide expert-level instruction for growing industry


Rose State College’s Workforce Development program is offering training classes for individuals interested in Unmanned Aerial Systems, also known as drones.

With the emerging technology, numerous industries across the public and private sectors are looking forward to the exciting possibilities drones bring to the workforce. In response to the increased use of the Unmanned Aerial Systems, the Workforce Development program at Rose State College is offering classes to teach drone hobbyists how to safely operate and fly their drone as well as classes for drone pilots to prepare for the CFR 14 Part 107.

“With the growing potential for drone usage worldwide, preparing the next generation of drone operators and technicians is more important than ever,” Rose State Vice President of External Affairs Tamara Pratt said. “We are eager to provide our students with a strong competitive advantage and formal training, giving them experiential-based knowledge on the basics of drone technology and how these machines operate.”

The Safe Flying With Drones class is an entry-level class geared towards drone hobbyists and focuses on helping drone owners take their expertise to the next level. Students will learn FAA rules and regulations for commercial drones, safety guidelines and the latest information on what to consider when purchasing a drone, different drone models and equipment and a step-by-step guide on how to register their drone. This class is on Monday, Feb. 11 and the tuition cost is $40.

In addition, The Drones Part 107 Test Prep class is designed to assist working professionals seeking the legal certification required to fly drones commercially. To fly under part 107, a pilot must successfully pass the FAA’s Remote Pilot Written Exam, a two-hour, 60-question exam that requires extensive studying. The class teaches everything drone pilots will need to know to pass the CFR 14 Part 107 test and earn their Remote Pilot Certificate. This three-night class will begin on Monday, March 11. The cost of enrollment is $295.

As drone technology becomes more commercialized, high demand for workers who understand and know how to safely and legally operate them is essential. Industries that have traditionally relied on manual labor are adopting drone technology to complete tasks more efficiently and reach areas previously inaccessible to man, while millions of consumers are buying drones for personal use each year.

To enroll in the Safe Flying With Drones class or the Drones Part 107 class or to learn more about other training offered by the Workforce Development program, visit