Additive Manufacturing

Let Rose State College serve your business in the latest technologies in additive technology including expertise, facilities and state of the art technology including a wide array of 3D printers.  Whether you are looking to develop a new prototype or your preparing for mass production, we can provide you with the knowledge and resources to bring problem-solving to your real-world issues.

The benefits of using additive manufacturing include:

  • Mass customization and weight reduction.
  • Shorter lead times through reduced need to tooling and fixtures.
  • Reduction in part count through the integration of components.
  • Development of geometry that can only be made via additive manufacturing.

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Rose State College’s Partnership with MOOG

Due to a generous donation from MOOG, Rose State College is among the leaders in Additive Manufacturing training. Rose State College is the only Higher Education institution in the State of Oklahoma to possess a 3D-printer capable of industrial-level manufacturing.

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