Oklahoma Commercial Drone Training

Flying drones commercially requires federal certification. Take the stress off by getting trained by the professionals here at Rose State. Pass your Part 107 exam easily by preparing in advance. Our commercial drone training courses are designed to teach you exactly what you need to know to ace your certifications. Our training features hands-on and classroom time to make learning actionable and worthwhile.

Part 107 Commercial Drone Training

Small Unmanned Aerial Systems, or Drones are an emerging technology, which offers exciting possibilities for public safety. Drones are being used to aid in disaster relief, accident reconstruction, crime scene documentation, search for missing persons and to provide situational awareness for first responders.

Part 107, the new FAA commercial drone regulation, allows drone pilots to fly drones for business purposes. To fly under Part 107, you need to pass the FAA drone pilot test and receive your commercial drone license. The two hour, 60 question test requires extensive studying. This class teaches you everything you need to know to get your commercial drone license.  In this class you will learn how to:








This class will teach you everything you need to know to pass and earn your Remote Pilot Certificate


  • Develop a mission plan and how to conduct a proper pre-flight inspection

  • Understand the regulations for unmanned aircraft (Part 107)

  • Learn why malfunctions occur and how to cope with inflight emergencies

  • How to read and interpret aviation weather reports

  • Overview of the FAA’s testing process; what to expect





Shawn Lynch

Shawn Lynch is an FAA Certified Advanced Ground Instructor (AGI), licensed Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (SUAS) rated Remote Pilot, and civilian pilot with over 25 years of aerospace and aviation operations experience. 

Shawn is a third generation aviator, with civilian and military flying experience exceeding 2,500 hours. Shawn begin his instructing career in aviation in 2010, before achieving his current position instructing in a Boeing 747-400 flight simulator, and leading his employer’s aviation orientation program for Junior and Midlevel Engineers. 

Shawn began flying manned aircraft in 1996 and remote controlled aircraft in 2012. He has been flying UAS (drones) commercially since 2016. His UAS experience includes several projects contributing to real estate, insurance, construction, agriculture, and for non-profit organizations. 

Shawn holds a M.S. in Aeronautics with a Certificate in Unmanned Aerial Systems from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. He is a Veteran of the US Air Force, having served on active duty for nine years, and flying as an E-3 AWACS Instructor Air Battle Manager from Tinker AFB, Elmendorf AFB (JBER), Alaska, and Southwest Asia.


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