Environmental Training at Rose State College

Rose State College provides the most comprehensive Environmental Training in the State of Oklahoma. More Oklahoma municipalities choose Rose State for their Environmental Training than anyone else in the state. For Water and Wastewater Training, Rose State College can’t be beat.

Rose State College Offers Online Training

Water and Wastewater Classes 

Water and Wastewater Classes are offered throughout the year. Look at the yearly schedule to find the class that best meets your schedule.

A/B Water Operator

C-Water Operator

D-Water Operator

A/B Wastewater Operator

C-Wastewater Operator

D-Wastewater Operator

C-Wastewater & Water Lab Boot Camp

C-Distribution & Collection System Ops

Distribution & Collection Technician

Lab Classes

C-Water Lab Operator

C-Wastewater Lab Operator

A/B Water Lab Operator

A/B Wastewater Lab Operator

Speciality & OSHA Training

On-site Wastewater Treatment System

OSHA Hazwoper


Renewal Classes

Wastewater Discharge Stream Impacts

(Online, DEQ 4-hour)

Wastewater Treatment

(Online, DEQ 4-hour)

Distribution and Collection Systems

(Online, DEQ 4-hour)

OSHA Safety

(Online, DEQ 4-hour)

Water Regulations

(Online, DEQ 4-hour)

Water and Wastewater Operator License Renewal

Utility Operations Emergency Management

A/B Wastewater Operator Math Review

(Test Prep Math)

Lab Jar Testing Procedures

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